The series #voices is the ushering of talent that has inspired innovation, beauty and civility in an atmosphere of uproar. The designs featured are of the empowerment of women, at each stage in the process, creation of design, manufacturing and stories of the sale, women honoring women in a sometimes overtly male dominated industry of fashion. Each piece featured is about finding the #voices of those who inspire industry revolution including the first of many firsts: females to head storied luxury houses, pushing for the best environmental practices, as well as featuring artisans produced fabrics or creating their own line entirely. It is about the breaking of the "glass ceiling".  This is my way of honoring those who have reset industry practices and my best hope is that I can follow their lead. This series is sold exclusively through this site.

the Row's Cloak of Many Colours

2016, mixed media: soft pastels, up-cycled make up (Chanel, Mac) on paper, 36 x 49 1/2 inches

Stella's Thoughtful Jumper

2016, soft pastels on paper, 36 x 40 inches

Ryan Weaves Rosé Magic

2016, mixed media; soft pastels and up-cycled makeup (Kevyn Aucoin, Mac, Dior) on paper, 36 x 81 inches

Dior's Sister Surprise

2016, mixed media- soft pastels, oil pastels and up-cycled makeup (Dior, Chanel) on paper; 42x 80 inches