My generation is the generation of “experiences”; we can not seem to collect enough of them. I have noticed I too have struggled with the intense drive to continue to move forward relentlessly- never enough time to see, do, smell, tastes- experience. Growing up at the shift of the Information Age, moving from a more quiet existence with limited resources of my public library and community or childhood travels to suffice my quest for knowledge then entering into endless knowledge at my fingertips as well as endless “friends” to pursue, one can get lost in the noise of mind chatter. These created experiences explore such cultural shifts. The thing about endless experiences and endless knowledge is the real fact that so many paved the way so we, the collective, we have the privilege and luxury to enter this new and exciting world. May my generation pass on the same exploration and opportunities to those that follow in a thoughtful, meaningful and divine way. 

we Women we

Presented in a format of a one woman play. Touching on very current events, as well as the historical perspective of what it means to be a woman in the past, how that has shaped the present and hopefully allow universal truths to propel us forward as we the collective we. Utilizing sound, visual arts, motion and poetry with a dash of healing intentions!

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Exclusively on Apple Books.

we Women we is the third experimental book written, created, illustrated and produced by Victoria Lee Case. It stands completely on its own and designed exclusively for Apple Books. 

Presented in the format of a one woman play, this comprehensive experience utilizes sight, sound, visual arts, motion and poetry with a dash of healing intentions! On this exclusive multi-touch platform, the viewer and reader step into a world with multiple options in artistic expression.

Touching on very current events, as well as the depth of perspective of what it means to be a woman culturally and historically, how that has shaped the present and hopefully allow universal truths to propel us forward. Our stories have their own Identities. As we Women we acknowledges collective pains it also includes extremely personal moments, such as lost dreams or miscarriage in the chapter Signs of a MissCarnage, confusion in the chapter Speculative, bravely acknowledging grief in Citadel, visuals and language throughout touch on abuse of all kinds, words around physical pain and trauma. This is for the brave who dare and say "enough". This experience is one that is extremely prolific as the viewer rides the waves of emotion, stillness and chaos. 

Created to be thought provoking and honest, we Women we wrestles with its own stillness; as we Women we are very much part of the collective we.

“In the chaos that surrounds: the light of beauty, vastness and greatness can harness healing for generations to come, even in the flood of water and blood.”

Introduction from the artist:

“About this Experience:

If you watch the stage version of Elephant Man, there is this point in the beginning of the play where the actor morphs, in front of your eyes, into a man with severe physical attributes. This series has been a mirror experience- my body morphing into a part of myself, very familiar and also very foreign. My physical body seems to carry and release scars so human, so of me but at the same time of a lineage of DNA strands I have entered into this, my very of flesh and bone, the sweet sorrow of a pierced heart experience on planet Earth. 

There are these moments when your entire being wants to cry- to move the sadness through, but something stops- the madness needs attention or direction or love. A place within self, as a vagina carrying card member that deserves a place- “in the world”, “at the table”, or “on top”. Really, my hope is we find our place within our self and in-turn the world around us, will recognize the need for language of all kinds.

We Women We, is in part a very ancient, a very current, a very timeless battle song until any iteration of war ceases to be and marching marries dancing. “

-Victoria Lee Case


As we Women we and From Your American Daughter are very much part of the collective we. Purchase via Apple Books or experiences.

From Your American Daughter

The promised follow-up to We Women We. A visual story looking at the systems created for humanity, especially women, are no longer working. A Letter to America from Your Daughter.

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Introduction from the Artist:

About this Experience:

From Your American Daughter is a follow-up to the we Women we experience. Wild enough, as I was about to press publish on the latter, the Kavanaugh hearings continued the national outcry, as so many women’s stories continued to come forward- and that was my entire thesis for we Women we! 

My family line, on many sides, have been in the United States since the birth of the colonies. I have had relatives hold a variety of positions over the centuries; including pastors, teachers, musicians, business innovators, many public servants, and multiples in the private sectors; land owners, cattle ranchers, singers, spiritualists, warriors and war ravaged, entrepreneurs, widowed and very well educated- so many volunteers: because this is America, the land of opportunity. 

Except, I have personally found, for your Daughter. We [the collective American] have been so focused on the Fathers, we have forgotten our Daughters. The systems created and established leave no room for these special beings: females. The voices of your daughters have been silenced no more.

-Victoria Lee Case

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