POETRY ON YOUR DEVICE: Public Access | Losing the Places to find the Funny



My generation is the generation of “experiences”; we can not seem to collect enough of them. I have noticed I too have struggled with the intense drive to continue to move forward relentlessly- never enough time to see, do, smell, tastes- experience. Growing up at the shift of the Information Age, moving from a more quiet existence with limited resources of my public library and community or childhood travels to suffice my quest for knowledge then entering into endless knowledge at my fingertips as well as endless “friends” to pursue, one can get lost in the noise of mind chatter. These created experiences explore such cultural shifts. The thing about endless experiences and endless knowledge is the real fact that so many paved the way so we, the collective, we have the privilege and luxury to enter this new and exciting world. May my generation pass on the same exploration and opportunities to those that follow in a thoughtful, meaningful and divine way. 

Because all words have meaning, importance and power. The weight of our language should be measured and valued outside the “content” of our day…

iBook|PDF: Losing the Places to Find the Funny

This complementary poetry iBook is an opening to a conversation, hopefully within our own internal world first and then expand dialogue with those around us.


About this Book:

These poems are my small window into the vast world of experiences within our human collective. While I recognize the details may not always be universal my hope is it can be experienced in a way that is personal. 

The intention of this book is to open dialogue for our own coded humanity, must uniquely, as a specific female pattern, so it may go forth more fully integrated. I have found in writing this series much has changed but much has remained especially when examining the ideals of starting a new family unit.

The backbone of health is bearing witness to your own desires and honoring the desires and sacrifices of the collective because we are all connected. 

While this book is available to all, my hope is my work can provide a portal into the world of poetry no matter your social, spiritual or economic starting point. The arts inspire and empower. 

May you find a moment of sanctuary on your device, whether you are on the move or in a place of stillness. Best of luck on your journey and continue to pursue with curiosity. 

-Victoria Lee Case