POETRY AND VISUAL ART ON YOUR DEVICE | Future Fashion Fates over Fatalities Volumes One and Two


My generation is the generation of “experiences”; we can not seem to collect enough of them. I have noticed I too have struggled with the intense drive to continue to move forward relentlessly- never enough time to see, do, smell, tastes- experience. Growing up at the shift of the Information Age, moving from a more quiet existence with limited resources of my public library and community or childhood travels to suffice my quest for knowledge then entering into endless knowledge at my fingertips as well as endless “friends” to pursue, one can get lost in the noise of mind chatter. These created experiences explore such cultural shifts. The thing about endless experiences and endless knowledge is the real fact that so many paved the way so we, the collective, we have the privilege and luxury to enter this new and exciting world. May my generation pass on the same exploration and opportunities to those that follow in a thoughtful, meaningful and divine way. 

Future Fashion Fates over Fatalities: Volume One

A visual art and poetry experience for the fashion set.

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Introduction from the artist

“About this Experience:

These poems and visuals are musings on one of the largest global industries: FASHION- often overlooked with its reach and easily misunderstood. While this experience only touches on a minute aspect of an empire, the artistry of the creations have the capacity to continue beyond the time of those who have the unique opportunity to form such exquisite works. 

The intention of this experience is to honor the individuals within an industry I had the pleasure to take part in, as a participant and observer. One that is in a midst of a great shift; my hopes it will continue to evolve beyond expectations. The ability for so much self expression in one arena is beyond glorious. 

May you find a moment of reprieve on your device, whether you are on the move or in a place of stillness. Best of luck on your journey and curiosity; may your own voice and power never cease.”

-Victoria Lee Case


Future Fashion Fates over Fatalities: Volume Two

Volume Two of Future Fashion Fates over Fatalities is a study on the environmental dynamics fashion contributes to Planet Earth and her inhabitants. Many in the industry are making substantial changes, and this is a cheerful thank you to those who have pioneered this complex and global industry!

Introduction from the Artist:

About this Experience:

Over the course of my former career as a stylist, I have worked behind the scenes, in multiple facets, within the industry of fashion. It is fascinating, intense, work-your-ass-off type of work, to find sincere even ecstatic pleasure in the details. As a whole, I have noticed makers, designers, professionals and those whose faces you recognize are conscious of the basic fact that fashion, is shifting when it comes to the designing, marketing, consumption and production. Our materials naturally tend toward not being friendly to animal, plant, human and especially future inhabitants of this great planet Earth. 

The beautiful aspect to this recognition is many, on multiple levels, are working toward finding holistic solutions, as well as still creating space for many individual points of expression.

I am proud that so many strides are being made and continue to hope this enthusiasm will continue forward.

Please enjoy these musings and art pieces as a friendly brava, from this, my fashion perspective. Most of the visuals are based on fabrics, runway looks and the mood of the current season.

-Victoria Lee Case

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