Color and Line. Art and Fashion. Culture and Movement. Each to have a synergistic effect with one another. The magic of capturing the ever moving moments of fashion, akin to lightning in a bottle, caught on paper. From nothing to everything. In order for an artist to bridge these transitions successfully, a daily ritual is encouraged. The #morningseries was born. These works are instantaneous, off the cuff, inspired by the “pop” and the “instant" of fashion. They are the visual outcome of a singular transition of creativity to reality. Whether you find sophistication or enchantment, these pieces are the visualization of a juncture in which a future process is defined. The #morningseries is sold exclusively through this site.

McQueen Dreams Spring

2016, Pastels on Paper, 36x56 inches

When Gucci Got its Groove Back

2016, mixed media- oil pastels, soft pastels, charcoal, graphite and up-cycled makeup (Chanel, Dior, Mac) on paper; 42x 128 inches

Chanel Weds (Here She Comes, There She Goes)

2016, charcoal on paper, 36 x 56 inches, sold as a pair

Rosie's Perfect Pants on Imperfect Paper

2016, pastels on paper, 36x67 inches 

Missoni Three

2016, Pastels on Paper, 36x56 inches