Photo: Jon Haire

Photo: Jon Haire


Victoria Lee Case is the visual artist and poet. She has previously collaborated with multiple forces in the fashion, entertainment and luxury industries. She is a multi-faced entrepreneur and philanthropist focusing on the arts, fashion and the environment in regards to the relationship of all three. She is a big proponent of the Cradle to Cradle Movement and is passionately involved with continuing to partner with Nest.

Her work, in part, stems from her only now discovered synesthesia phenomena. The hope is that her work may evoke healing in a very chaotic world of relationships, self-actualization as well as the empowerment of ones own mind, heart, body and spirit. It has been said that art is the practice of communication with the Divine and while this is true the complexity of humanity allows for many stories to be told and truths to unfold.

These works are her stories and attempts to convey depths unseen and unheard of the human heart. And all its many beats… Humanity is transcendent, God is Love and Women do make the world go round. All materials are thoughtfully sourced, works made with honesty, have the added mix of vibrational asceticism and all heart.

The Art:

The #morningseries is the introduction of the #handbagseries in which Victoria is currently creating; a large group of drawings which are intended to show in long form over the span of years. It examines the context of personal identity and shape recognition via the impact of the fashion industry, as well as the power of brand identity and artistic endeavors to create wearable art. The fashion world is an incredible, yet complex gift- sparking a multitude of feeling and sensations. These are Victoria’s quest to bridge the inner intellectualism of personhood and the outer obvious influence of what and why we wear what we wear. Fashion is a global billion dollar industry that spans time, geographic regions and a multitude of hands. It is wise to pursue with conscience thought and execution.

The series #voices honors women in fashion, their groundbreaking work during a time of male-dominated uproar. Through this study the series #visions started to emerge. In progress currently, the entire series focuses on Miuccia Prada's esteemed lifetime work. From this starting point, the question of our cultural and emotional identity is expressed via colour, shape and pattern to expand upon how we communicate consciously and sub-consciously with ourselves and those around us. The conceptual pattern play.

In the middle of 2016, the series #vibrations of the quantum kind emerged in the form of drawings, literature, space, time, and the power of the spoken word. Most personal, it looks at the identity we, as women carry, birth in all forms, death in the systems in and around us, hope for our future and the future of our children, but truthfully the genuine struggle to be represented and build something of our own. This series is ongoing.

The experience:


The visual art and poetry experiences started with the intent to utilize the vast catalog of poetry written starting from the Spring of 2016. The beauty of poetry can be difficult to digest at times, the language unique and the words piercing. It is not for the faint of heart, because poetry itself is completely and totally of the heart. A language of emotions, a truth many choose to ignore. The honoring of oneself. To honor thyself. To honor the WHOLE.


the Poetry:

The white space of the prophetic, the natural, and the known: poetry tries to convey the depths of our personhood- the energy between the heart and the mind; the forces of light in the reflections of dark, the sphere of the aura. My hope is my work can bring peace and color via the language of written and spoken words. Remember, we live in a world of many languages, most unseen but hope comes from those moments captured in love, honesty, revelation and transfiguration.

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